What Is a Contingency Fee Business Litigation Lawyer?
What Is a Contingency Fee Business Litigation Lawyer?
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What Is a Contingency Fee Business Litigation Lawyer?

A contingency fee business lawyer can help your company handle business-related litigation regardless of your economic circumstances. In a contingency fee case, the company owes the attorneys at Dunn Sheehan nothing unless we are successful in your case.

A contingency fee may protect your company’s financial health by avoiding costly hourly rates and putting much of the risk of litigation on the firm rather than yourself. An experienced attorney knows how to pursue your case and achieve the best possible results, saving your company money upfront and winning compensation in a successful case.

Many lawyers only offer a contingent fee basis in personal injury cases, but at Dunn Sheehan we know business litigation matters may benefit from a contingent fee arranagement. We help handle business disputes between employees, business owners, and other parties. Having a lawyer who will take your case on a contingency basis means you get our high-quality representation without any of the upfront costs.

What Makes a Lawyer a Contingency Fee Lawyer?

A lawyer is a contingency fee lawyer when they charge a percentage of the winnings in your lawsuit. A pure contingency fee agreement is a contract between you and the attorney who agrees you owe nothing unless and until they win you money in a successful case. The lawyer is then entitled to a contingency fee percentage of your case's total earnings.

Business litigation matters are typically complicated and often expensive to litigate. With a contingency fee lawyer, companies or individuals can hold the defendant responsible for their actions. 

Benefits of Hiring a Contingency Fee Business Lawyer

There are several benefits to hiring a contingency fee business lawyer. Most business litigation attorneys do not offer a contingency fee basis option, but the benefits to you are essential to understand.

Financial Advantages of Contingency Fee Arrangements

The financial advantages of using a business litigation contingency fee attorney are many. The most obvious is that you only pay if you win compensation. This eliminates any risk you'll have to pay for an attorney's services and still lose.

It also means you are not responsible for your attorney's typical hourly rate. Hourly rate compensation is financially prohibitive for many people. That is why Dunn Sheehan offers contingency fee representation in certain cases for our clients. 

Pure contingency fee arrangements mean you do not pay upfront costs for the investigation, experts, filing fees, and the many other expenses typically incurred in business litigation matters.

Confidence, Risk, and Reward in Contingency Fee Cases

A personal injury attorney or business lawyer working on a contingency fee basis is highly motivated to win your case. They only earn money if they win. A win for you is a win for them, meaning your interests are always aligned. This gives you confidence in your legal representation.

When To Consider a Contingency Fee Business Lawyer

Here are some tips on when to consider this type of arrangement.

Scenarios Ideal for Contingency Fee Agreements

A contingency fee agreement is used for many types of cases. This arrangement is most often used in personal injury cases, such as:

We also offer contingency fee agreements in certain  business litigation cases. Many firms refuse to offer contingency fee agreements in these cases, but we know they can be ideal for certain cases . 

Evaluate the Cost-Benefit of Contingency Fee Options

Many business litigation attorneys representing individuals and corporate clients require upfront payment of fees. The cost-benefit analysis changes drastically with a contingency fee agreement. You or your business only pay if your attorneys are successful in your case.

A business owner must always consider the financial well-being of their company. A contingency fee agreement can help you win financial recovery without furthering your financial losses. The costs of litigation and the risk of loss can be placed on business law firms instead. This protects your economic interests and balances the cost-benefit analysis in determining whether to pursue litigation.

Dunn Sheehan's Fee Structure

Dunn Sheehan's business litigation lawyers offer contingency fee structures that work for you. We represent business litigation clients as a primary part of our practice and have secured millions of dollars for our clients. 

We offer several fee structures to help you:

  • Pure contingency fee: With this structure, we only win if you do. The firm takes a fixed percentage of any recoveries received in the lawsuit. You owe no upfront or any other costs unless you secure financial compensation.
  • Partial contingency fee: A partial contingency fee is a variation of the pure contingency fee in which the client and law firm share the risk and reward of the case.
  • True fixed fee: A fixed fee basis is an established amount of money paid upfront or monthly based on the agreement.
  • Hourly rate: Dunn Sheehan also offers hourly rate services, meaning you pay only for the work performed by your attorneys.

Our experienced business litigation lawyers will help you pick the fee structure that works best for you. We offer these options in certain cases so our clients can exercise their legal rights and without being limited by your financial constraints. 

Let our contingency fee business litigation lawyers get to work for you. Contact us for a consultation today.

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