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In litigation matters, whether you are involved in a business dispute or have suffered a catastrophic injury, we take a direct path to the appropriate resolution. For instance, if your case cannot be settled early in the process on favorable terms, we try the case to win. Our attorneys have the courtroom experience, legal knowledge, and personal drive to accomplish that objective. In non-litigation matters, our knowledge and past experience provide the insight and foresight to help you structure and transact your affairs in a manner that minimizes risk and maximizes results. 

Dunn Sheehan, LLP is based in Dallas, TX, and has a strong track record of representing clients across the United States.

Our Attorneys

  • William D. Dunn

    William D. Dunn

  • Connor G. Sheehan

    Connor G. Sheehan

  • John David, “J.D.” Blakley

    John David, “J.D.” Blakley

  • Patrick K. Sheehan

    Patrick K. Sheehan

  • Holly Mosier

    Holly Mosier

  • Robert Mosier

    Robert Mosier

At one point in my young career I was told to always make sure you have top-notch legal representation when the need arises. Blake Brownshadel at Dunn Sheehan LLP fits that bill perfectly. Having had more need for legal advice and representation at this point in my life than I planned on, Blake has been knowledgeable, professional and always provides wise counsel when navigating what can be a very complex legal system. I would recommend him highly to anyone needing legal representation.
Eric Rauscher