We offer alternative fee structures.

Fees at Dunn Sheehan LLP, Business Law Firm in Dallas Maximizing Our Clients' Time & Resources

When you’re faced with a legal matter, it is not unwise to assume that pursuing litigation can quickly become extremely expensive. The sheer cost is a common deterrent for many individuals and our firm wants to change this. At Dunn Sheehan LLP, we are proud to offer our clients alternative fee structures that meet their unique needs.

We know that no two individuals are the same; we’ve structured our firm to reflect this truth. By giving clients a substitute to the usual hourly fees, our Dallas business litigation attorneys open the doors for individuals who may be otherwise unable to pursue legal action. Our fee arrangements allow our firm to share in both legal fee and legal outcome risk.

What alternatives to hourly billing do you offer?

When a client approaches our firm, we assess their needs to create the most suitable payment plan. We offer a number of different fee arrangements, including contingency fees, fixed fees, and success-based fees. We also frequently establish payment hybrids, often combining hourly rates with the rest of our fees, contingent upon the outcome of the case.

Dunn Sheehan LLP offers all of the following alternative fee structures:

  • Pure Contingency Fee: Often the most utilized by our clients, our firm receives a fixed percentage of the recoveries received in a lawsuit. While the client may be responsible for the cost of litigation, we are happy to establish a more achievable solution. Clients with limited financial resources benefit from pure contingency fee arrangements.
  • Partial Contingency Fee: This arrangement focuses on spitting the fee risk between our firm and the client. Dunn Sheehan LLP is paid a portion of its hourly rate, along with a predetermined percentage of any lawsuit recoveries.
  • Fixed Fee: We take on your case for an established amount of money paid either per month or upfront. Based on the client’s circumstances, we can determine the best approach and move forward from there. Fixed fees are advantageous for clients hoping to budget their resources.
  • Holdback/Success Fee: Comparable to the partial contingency fee, Dunn Sheehan LLP receives some money before the case starts, with the rest of the fees dependent upon the successful outcome of the client’s case.

Quality Representation from Dallas Business Lawyers

Dunn Sheehan LLP realizes that clients quickly grow frustrated when they feel that their needs are not being met. Our alternative payment plans are unique because they adapt to each client, making the most of their time and money. In just two years, we’ve recovered more than $18 million and are only becoming more successful over time.

No matter how complex your legal matter, we are prepared to deliver efficient & tangible results. Call us to schedule your consultation & learn more about our alternative fee structures.