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Onewheel Lawsuits

Have you or your child sustained serious or fatal injuries in an Onewheel accident? These futuristic-looking skateboards have been linked to injuries and at least four deaths. As a result, Future Motion — the manufacturer of Onewheel — and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have recalled over 300,000 Onewheel units.

However, a Onewheel recall is little consolation if you have lost a loved one or sustained a severe injury. You deserve compensation, and your personal injury lawyer from Dunn Sheehan is committed to helping you recover damages for your Onewheel injuries.

Onewheel Skateboards: Futuristic Design With a Flaw

Onewheel skateboards are known for having a unique design. The product is essentially a self-balancing skateboard consisting of one center wheel. On either side of the wheel are places for a rider to place both of their feet. Under the front foot is the battery pack for the device, while under the rear foot are sensors that help the Onewheel to run.

These sensors interpret your body’s position and translate that body position into commands for the Onewheel’s motor. The motor balances the Onewheel and propels it forward in proportion to how significantly your body is leaning. 

Stopping a Onewheel involves leaning to slow the device until it stops. You then remove your foot from the sensor area and get off of your Onewheel. However, the lawsuits surrounding Onewheel allege that a defect in the skateboard causes it to stop on its own, throwing the rider from the skateboard without warning. 

There are a number of Onewheel models affected by the recall, including:

  • Original Onewheel
  • Onewheel+
  • Onewheel GT
  • Onewheel X
  • Onewheel Pint
  • Onewheel XR

According to the company’s recall announcement, Original Onewheel and Onewheel+ should not be used. All other models of Onewheel require a firmware update, after which the company claims the device will be safe for riding.

Things to Know About Onewheel Injury Lawsuits

Lawsuits are being filed against Future Motion, alleging that its Onewheel skateboards are dangerous and defective for riders. Numerous individuals have been injured, and at least four Onewheel deaths have happened between 2019 and 2021. 

Aside from death, other injuries reported have included:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Concussions
  • Temporary or permanent paralysis
  • Bone fractures

As individuals are still coming forward with reports of injuries sustained while using their Onewheel, the true Onewheel injury rate is still unknown. Approximately 30 lawsuits have been filed in various federal courts that are pending resolution.

You may be entitled to file a lawsuit if you or a loved one was either injured or killed in an Onewheel accident. Through your lawsuit, you can seek damages to address your:

  • Medical bills and hospitalization costs
  • Ongoing treatment needs
  • Lost wages and reduction in earning potential
  • Non-economic injuries, like pain and suffering

To find out whether filing a lawsuit and pursuing compensation is the best option for you, contact a knowledgeable product liability lawyer from Dunn Sheehan today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Onewheel Lawsuits

What Is a Onewheel?

Onewheel is a motorized, self-balancing skateboard with a center wheel between two footpads. The rider’s body position and leaning motions control how fast the Onewheel goes due to sensors located under one of the rider’s feet. Six different models of Onewheel are available.

Why Are Onewheel Lawsuits Being Filed?

A defect in the Onewheel can cause the device to stop balancing and abruptly cease moving suddenly. You could be thrown from your Onewheel and sustain serious or even fatal injuries. Lawsuits are being filed by those who have been injured, who have lost a loved one, or who have otherwise been impacted by this defect.

Is There a Onewheel Class Action Lawsuit?

There has been some discussion of creating a class action lawsuit for those hurt by Onewheel’s defects. Currently, though, all lawsuits are individual legal matters. Your lawyer will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information on a potential Onewheel class action lawsuit. 

Now Is the Time to Contact Dunn Sheehan 

If you or a loved one was harmed when your Onewheel suddenly stopped, you may have legal rights to compensation. The Onewheel accident lawyers of Dunn Sheehan bring skills developed at large firms and exceptional client service to every case. 

Contact us to schedule a consultation with a seasoned catastrophic injury attorney today.

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