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Dallas Transactional Law Attorneys

Business law is a complex system of rules and regulations that deals with both the creation of new businesses and how current businesses interact with one another. Furthermore, certain areas of business law may need to be applied when a business or corporation has interactions with the public or government entities.

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Transactional Law Practice Areas

  • Commercial Debts & Judgments

    Experienced team focusing on collection of significant commercial debts & judgments.

  • Entity Formation & Dissolution

    Experienced in the legal connotations of managing business entities from start-up to closure.

Professional Legal Counsel to Protect Your Business Interests

Starting a business involves many legal implications, including choosing the accurate entity type, filing all required paperwork, obtaining the proper permits and licenses, and ensuring thorough compliance with local and federal regulations. On the other side of the spectrum, dissolving a business carries its own legal challenges. Minimizing your tax burdens while promoting your financial interests as you move through the closure can be a complex undertaking. In either process, the services of a knowledgeable Dallas business lawyer are an invaluable asset.

Elite Advocacy in Dallas, Texas

From preparing and filing the proper organizational documentation to obtaining a thorough financial and tax analysis for the individuals involved in a business dissolution, our intention at Dunn Sheehan LLP is to preserve the interests of our client throughout the process. We are experienced in the legal connotations of managing business entities in the state of Texas from start-up to closure.

Do you have questions regarding the formation or dissolution of a business entity in Dallas? Contact our legal team to request a consultation.

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