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When you look for a business law firm to represent you, you want to assess the factors that set the firm apart from others within that field. At Dunn Sheehan LLP, we are comprised of Dallas business attorneys who have strong legal backgrounds and who understand what each case requires. We handle a wide range of circumstances involving business law and approach each case from a unique perspective. Whether the case can be resolved through settlement or requires extensive litigation, we are available to help during each step of the case.

We offer alternative fee arrangements.

Our firm offers alternative fee arrangements to compensate us for our services based on a structure that is cost-effective for the client. At Dunn Sheehan LLP, we are devoted to finding solutions that work for our clients to help them both financially and legally through their cases. The special fee arrangements we offer can be negotiated between us and our clients. Some of the alternatives fee arrangements include:

Pure Contingency Fee

Pure contingency-fee basis is an arrangement in which our firm receives a fixed percentage of any recovery after a lawsuit. This type of arrangement is for situations when a lawsuit is brought on behalf of the client who is the plaintiff. This structure is appropriate when the client is an individual, start-up, or corporation with limited resources used to finance the litigation.

Partial Contingency Fee

Partial contingency-fee arrangements are used when our firm receives a portion of the hourly rate in addition to a smaller percentage of what has been recovered. Partial contingency fees are most common in plaintiff cases that seek monetary damages. The purpose of this type of arrangement is to reduce the cost of litigation to the client. It also shares in the risk between the firm and the client.

Fixed Fee

Fixed-fee arrangements are issued when the firm agrees to handle a situation for a certain sum or burn rate per month. These arrangements can be tailored to the nature of the specific matter at hand. Clients who need to budget can substantially benefit from this fee arrangement.

Holdback / Success Fee

One specific arrangement that is similar to a partial contingency-fee arrangement is the holdback / success fee. Dunn Sheehan LLP is paid a certain portion of fees up front, but a portion is withheld contingent and will be paid based on the success of the case. If a successful conclusion is accomplished, we can receive a multiple of the agreed-upon success fee. This type of structure is most often used in defense cases and when the result pursued is not for monetary gain.

Partnering with Clients Through Legal Risk Sharing

At Dunn Sheehan LLP, we offer alternative fee structures, which is a primary focus of our firm. The goal is to shift some or all of the legal fee risk from the client to the law firm, which is an inherent benefit for the client. With this method, the client's risk is reduced, and the client is able to pursue a resolution with minimal concern to the legal case.

In many cases, our clients lack the financial resources necessary to pursue litigation, although it is an essential aspect of their cases. With our representation, they are provided with the opportunity to pursue their legal matters because we invest in the case alongside the client. In exchange for us investing our standard fees in the case, the client will provide us with an agreed-upon fee based on specified criteria. Our Dallas business law firm can share in the legal and financial outcome risk.

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